Photography Shigeyo

For commissioned work or my own,  there is one underlying theme: who are we are as human beings, what we do and why, either as individuals or as groups, even as entire societies. My curiosity about what drives and defines us, as well as my obsession with the human form, has earned me commissions on three continents.

What matters most in the process of creating art? Narrative, setting, and intention---what is the story to be told, what it is the setting and what is the desired outcome---and what do these choices ultimately reveal? 

As a conceptual artist intent on telling stories, I have a wide array of tools at my disposal. My training is painting and drawing, sculpture and printmaking, and dance/theater but my years working as a television documentarian has perhaps exerted the greatest  influence on my approach:  I observe and even interview my subjects before beginning any new work.

I have become increasingly interested in working on site specific projects since I am as fascinated by functional design and art created within an interior or on stage---art meant to engage, educate or even to provoke. 

Now seeking interesting opportunities within, and beyond, traditional art venues---in homes, workplaces or public spaces.  I am also open to private commissions and to opportunities to work as an artist in residence. 

Whatever the venue, my intention is to create work that reinterprets the ancient or commonplace to engage and amaze, as well as to educate, contemporary audiences. The best work of all will catch the viewer off-guard---to raise awareness about his or her lifestyle or moment in history.

This website is only a sample intended to show a diverse collection of works. 

Welcoming all inquiries both in the U.S and overseas: