"Beyond Time," ( detail) porcelain, felt, paper, mirror, 8" x 6," 2015
"Beyond Time," Exhibition Photograph, Atelier 54 Chicago, 2015
"Beloved," oil on panel, mirror, ribbon, 12" x 24," 2013
"Kate's Box," stoneware, glazes, acrylic, ink, 8" x 12," 2012
"Farida, Sculpting," porcelain, low-fire glazes, 9" x 9," 2012
"Tigerman and his Beloved Boardwalk," Mixed media, 60" x 60," 2013
"Untitled," Work in Progress, 2013-
Main image of fan installation in progress
A Japanese biscuit shop in Kyoto
A Japanese Cake Vendor
Bookshelf in Japanese Bookstore
A bottle of Mosquito Spray, Asymmetrical
Schoolgirls on Their Way Home
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